Finding the perfect snack can be a challenge, so we spent countless hours experimenting with different formulations to get it just right. Our goal was to create the ultimate snacking experience, without any of the bad stuff. After many ups and downs and trials and tribulations, we finally did it! Rivalz is the result of a perfect blend of fun flavors, exciting textures, and purposeful nutrition.

Dual-texture means that each snack has a crunchy exterior shell and a soft, nutrient-rich filling, providing an enjoyable combination of textures in every bite. It's like getting the best of both worlds - the satisfying crunch of a chip and the comforting indulgence of a savory center all in one. With Rivalz, you won't have to choose between crunchy or smooth, you'll get both in every bite! So why settle for a one-dimensional snack when you can have a Rivalz-worthy experience?

The majority of Rivalz ingredients are actually vegetables! The powerfully nutritious yellow pea! At Rivalz, we take pride in creating a snack that tastes incredible, but with real, nutritious ingredients. No bad stuff!

The innovative dual-texture of our crunchy exterior shell and a soft, savory center will transport you back to those happy childhood memories of indulging in your favorite snack. The flavors of Rivalz are carefully crafted to evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity, reminding you of the treats you enjoyed in the past. Whether you're seeking something cheesy, spicy, or savory, Rivalz has a flavor that's sure to hit the spot and bring back memories of simpler times.

Yes! Rivalz are packed with purposeful nutrition like 8g protein, 4g fiber, and 7 essential vitamins and minerals per serving! Rivalz also only have 160mg sodium and 9g net carbs per serving!

All our snacks are baked, never fried.

Yes! Rivalz ingredients are all natural and Non-GMO Project Verified. Real food, nothing shady!

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid found in many fruits and vegetables. It's widely used as an ingredient in snack food seasonings. Rivalz uses it to enhance flavor.

Yes, yes, and yes! Our snacks are completely free of gluten, wheat, and animal products and we intend to keep it that way :)

Rivalz do not contain milk, soy, wheat, eggs, nuts, fish, or shellfish.

Rivalz are produced on the same line as products that contain milk, but our facility has allergen cleaning procedures in place to remove all residual allergens from the production line to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Dairy is the only allergen ingredient that Rivalz shares a line with.

Yes! And free of artificial flavors too!

You bet they will! They won't even notice that our snacks are nutritious. Rivalz taste just like their high fat, high sodium, and high carb favorites, but with lots of protein, fiber, and nutrients.

Rivalz is a shelf stable, temperature resilient, easy to store snack.

Rivalz main ingredient is yellow pea. Yellow peas are a sustainable and environmentally friendly food crop that can play a role in mitigating the impacts of climate change and supporting sustainable agriculture. Yellow peas are known for improving soil structure and fertility, reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, reducing food waste, and needing less water to grow. Other snack foods are typically made from potatoes or corn. Both of these crops require more water, land, and synthetic fertilizers to grow, and result in higher levels of carbon emissions and pesticide use.

Our boxes can be recycled, but to maximize shelf life and minimize food waste, our bag is not recyclable at this time.


We have a 100% happiness guarantee! If you don't love our snacks we'll give you a refund on your first case (up to 6 bags).

We always aim to ship orders out the same day, but if you need to make changes, drop us a line at hello@rivalzsnacks.com with your order number and we'll use our snacking superpowers to try to make it happen.

Every case has 6 bags of Rivalz. You can either purchase a case with 6 bags of the same flavor or our variety pack that has 2 bags of each flavor.

You can email us at hello@rivalzsnacks.com, we'll respond within 2 business days.

Right now we are available on our website. Amazon, and select retailers! See if we’re available near you here! For more information about carrying Rivalz in your store, please contact hello@rivalzsnacks.com

Unfortunately, not at this time. If there's a variety pack that you'd like to see, drop us a line and let us know!


We ship to all 50 states!

Shipping depends on case quantity and weight. Shipping will also be more expensive if shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

We typically process and ship orders within 1 business day and then delivery within the US will usually take 3-5 days. Once your order ships, you'll receive a confirmation email with the tracking information.

We hate it when that happens! Please email us at hello@rivalzsnacks.com and let us know what was damaged and we'll handle it right away!

Don't worry, things happen. The order may have been prematurely marked as delivered or dropped off at a different entrance. If you still haven't received your snacks by the next business day, please let us know at hello@rivalzsnacks.com.

Right now, we only ship to North America. If you're outside of this area and would like Rivalz shipped to you, drop us a line!